Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Bachelorette Party Amazing

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Bachelorette Party Amazing

Bachelorette parties are the perfect way for a bride-to-be and her friends to celebrate before the big day arrives. Bachelorette parties come in all different shapes and sizes–from going out to vibrant clubs and dancing the night away to hosting a private “painting & wine” party and everything in between.

Step One: Decide on an overall theme

The first step to take when planning a bachelorette party is to decide on an overall theme. The theme doesn’t need to be something literal–unless you’re really into the idea of throwing a “unicorn themed” bachelorette party. Consider themes an overall direction for the event–drinking and dancing, adult entertainment shows, wine tasting, and so on.

Step Two: Send out the invitations

Next, you’ll need to send out the invitations. Most people send out invites via Facebook or social media, and this is totally fine for a bachelorette party as well. Make sure you include key information such as the date, the start time, where you’ll be meeting, what will happen (going to a club, having a painting party then going out to dinner, etc) and any other key information. If you’re not inviting too many people, try to follow up with the guests to make sure they’re coming, especially if you need to do something important like buy tickets to a strip show.

Step Three: Pick one or two fun activities

live shows - hens party - topless waitersYou don’t’ want to try to cram too much into a single bachelorette party. If you plan too much, people will get too tired or even bored to truly enjoy themselves during the night. A good rule of thumb is to pick one or two fun activities, rounded out by food such as dinner or some snacks. This will be enough for people to have fun without dragging things on for too long. For instance, attending a fun male strip revue show and then heading out for drinks and food at a bar; or going out clubbing and drinking, then heading to a male strip club to finish off the night.

Step Four: Lock down the little details

Once you have everything major planned out, it’s down to lock down the little details! Little details are all those things that will make the night truly special, fun and safe for everyone. For instance, you might want to buy some matching shirts or accessories for everyone to wear during the night so that you can all feel bonded as a group; or you might want to look up the location of a photo booth so everyone can take photos together and print them out; and you’ll want to lock down details regarding safety such as how people will be getting home safely after drinking.

Step Five: Have fun!

The last step in planning a bachelorette party? Make sure that you have fun! Be sure to book male strippers and topless waiters because they are hard to find last minute.

Remember to keep the above steps in mind when planning a great bachelorette party.