Male strip Club Brisbane & Male Revue





Whether your in Brisbane for fun on a Vacation or having a hens Party, be Sure to stop by some of the Hottest and Biggest Strip Clubs in Brisbane. Featuring some of the hottest men you have ever laid your eye’s upon as you find all the exciting thing’s to do in Brisbane, the Entertainment capital of the World.!!!

Magic Men Male Strip Club Brisbane has some of the hottest dancers in Australia. Sexy Dancers and Hot Lap Dances Await

We want Male Strip clubs Brisbane to become the place to find the finest and best quality stripers. Please feel free to let us know about a strip club as we are always looking for new clubs. Our Male revue in Brisbane is known to be the cream of the crop.

When visiting strip clubs in Brisbane, Let loose; be generous with the tips.  If you see a man perform and you enjoy the experience thoroughly, don’t hesitate to give a good tip.  However, don’t go so crazy giving tips that you clean out your bank account.  Set a budget before you walk into the strip club so you know exactly how much you can tip each stripper.


While it may be every girl’s romantic fantasy to go walking hand-in-hand with a hunky male stripper complete with strapping arms, hulking chest and large bulges in the most surprising places, the dating game takes on a whole new dimension when you’re getting paid to have women ogle your naked body! Again, dating customers depends on individual club policy and the dancer’s own discretion.

Whether you’re new to Male strip Club Brisbane or you’re a regular customer, it’s important to remember that like at any other establishment, rules of etiquette apply. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your manners at the door; strippers and strip club employees are human beings, too. If you follow these simple rules of etiquette the next time you hit a Brisbane male strip club, you’re sure to become a welcome and well-treated customer.

Tickets from $30